THE SEARCH (1948). In postwar Germany, Ivan Jandl, a young survivor of Auschwitz,herded into a Red Cross truck with other kids,panics at the notion that this is like a Nazi death vehicle. He runs away. G.I. Montgomery Clift finds him, tames him, cares for him. All along Jandl's mother (Czech classical singer Jarmila Novotna) is searching for her son.Mother and child are led to believe that the other is dead. Clift decides to take the kid to the USA. Oscars for original story, best juvenile performance. Made by Fred Zinnemann in neorealist, quasi-documentary style which can be almost negated by colorization. The boy's rapid learning of good English taxes credibility and Clift's generousness is somewhat marred by an excess of American corniness.The end is quite Hollywoodish in its coincidences and cross-cutting suspense. But if the film is not cinematically original, it is most moving, overall soberly played and directed. Wendell Corey is Clift's buddy.That wonderful actress Aline MacMahon, in charge of UNRRA camps for repatriation of kids to Palestine,is immensely compassionate in one of her top, most memorable roles.The film marks Clift's first appearance, as his first role (in "Red River") was shot earlier but had not yet been released. (Edwin Jahiel) .