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Pop Always Pays (1940) * 1/2

Directed by Leslie Goodwins & Charles E. Roberts

Shortish (67 min) comedy of sorts stars popular comedian Leon Errol as the father of the fiancée of Dennis O'Keefe. Latter is nice but debt-ridden. His father-in-law to-be will agree to the marriage only after the younger man gets a job and saves $1,000, to which Errol will add another thousand. But complications follow in Errol's financial status.

Very light and forgettable movie save for a few scenes. It may be interesting perhaps to film historians as it came in the early "meaningful" part of O'Keefe's (1908-1968) career. As Bud Flanagan, this Iowan who started in movies in 1930 was in ca. 130 movies, overwhelmingly uncredited. He adopted the name Dennis O'Keefe around 1938 and then played in about 68 more features, in likeable roles.

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Movie Reviews by Edwin Jahiel