by Edwin Jahiel

By Edwin Jahiel MY FAVORITE BLONDE (1942)
Directed by Sidney Lanfield. Besides the Bob Hope-Bing Crosby Road series, Hope, alone (hence free to get the girl at last), did a series of comic thrillers, starting with this wartime movie, co-starring Madeleine Carroll as a British spy who enlists hapless Bob's help. "They Got Me Covered" (1943) is another entaglement with spies in wartime Washington; "My Favorite Brunette" (1947) with Dorothy Lamour, substitutes mobsters for spies; "My Favorite Spy" (1951) co-stars Hedy Lamarr. All those movies are very funny, brisk, comfortable Hope vehicles, with "My Favorite Blonde" as good as any, perhaps even the best of the lot. The reliable cast includes Gale Sondergaard (in reality a pacifist, in films the ultimate in sinister women), George Zucco (another typecast master villain), Victor Varconi, and a penguin. (Edwin Jahiel)

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