Movie Reviews by Edwin Jahiel

DR. CYCLOPS (1940) The co-director of the original "King Kong" directed this relatively early 3-strip Technicolor horror-sci-fi semi-classic. Mad scientist Albert Dekker (known as a wonderful, versatile supporting actor) in Central or South American jungle, is visited by specialists who wonder about his mysterious silence. What the doctor has achieved is to miniaturize living beings, and what happens to the luckless visitors is that they get reduced to a tiny size -- but their ingenuity wins out. The story is not philosophic like the brainier and scarier "The Incredible Shrinking Man" of 1957, which was also a cautionary tale of nuclear radiation. But the special effects, though anyone today can figure them out, were quite impressive in the 1940s and remain valid. For hard-core film fans who wonder who is the very familiar supporting actor playing Dr. Bulfinch, his name is Charles Halton. (Edwin Jahiel)