Movie Reviews by Edwin Jahiel

CONFIDENTIALLY YOURS (VIVEMENT DIMANCHE) (France, 1983) The last film made by Francois Truffaut is a lightweight but most delightful comedy-thriller-romance (from an American novel) that shows the influence of his spiritual/artistic godfather Alfred Hitchcock. Set in a provincial town where Jean-Louis Trintignant, a realtor, is wanted for murder, wrongly of course. His new secretary is played by Fanny Ardant, who in real life was Truffaut's last amour, until his death in October 1984, when France almost went into national mourning. Ardant and Trintignant have an odd relationship. Antagonisms and mutual irritations keep postponing the inevitable romance but do not interfere with the woman's sleuthing. The film is a bit on the crazy side and certainly treated with tongue-in-cheekness, but it does not call attention to those aspects, which is good. It is a good but not a great Truffaut movie, yett considering what we have seen of European or American cinema in the last 12 years, "Confidentially Yours" is probably better today than i was when it came out. It was shot by the great Nestor Almendros, famous for his work on Cuban, European and American movies, and who also died much too young, in 1992. He did it in black and white that is, as they say, "creamy," and adds to the ironies and adventures of the subject. (Edwin Jahiel)