Directed by Jack Smight. From a William Goldman novel Funny-sad, enjoyable mix about Rod Steiger as a serial killer of women, with detective George Segal investigating. The put-down of older ladies is cruel, the portrait of Steiger excellent. He is very deranged, has mother fixation, wants attention, is always whistling The Jolly Miller ("I care for nobody and nobody cares for me") and disguising himself. As an Irish priest, a super-Teuton, a gay hairdresser, a cop, a woman. A great opportunity for Steiger to ham it up to the hilt. Segal, unfortunately for him named Morris ("Mo") Brummel, is amusing, especially as Mom Eileen Heckart mothers and smothers him. His girl is the late, most lamented Lee Remick.

(Edwin Jahiel)